About Primum

We believe that companies that contribute the moast, earn the moast.

Primum is a young sustainability consultancy firm with a passion for sustainability. Our multidisciplinary team consists of ambitious professionals with a varied background, from civil engineering to environmental law and change management.

We believe that sustainable entrepreneurship is the key to success. We aim to inspire our clients to start working on this, by formulating their sustainability vision and strategy but also by planning and executing tangible short-term actions.

What do we do?

Primum is a solid partner for sustainable business. Since 2009 we have gained extensive experience in sustainability consulting, focusing on CSR strategy, implementation and reporting. Next to our commercial clients we have also gained experience with various levels of (local) government such as municipalities and provinces, mainly in the area of sustainable procurement.

Our logo represents positivity, value creation and growth. To help our clients grow in sustainable entrepreneurship we pay particular attention to implementing various methods and systems that help the client to become independent and self-reliant in formulating, executing, measuring and communicating on CSR policy. A solid Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle means that sustainability will become a permanent topic on the corporate agenda.

Our services can be grouped into four main areas. The starting point of corporate social responsibility is a clear vision or goal for your company. What do we want, why do we want it, and which specific themes allow me to collaborate with my stakeholders to make a difference? The right translation of your vision for the future to a strategy and approach to projects and procurement is essential for a successful sustainable company. The same is true for developing sustainable products. But which are the most suitable (technical) measures? And what is the right approach for communication? Meeting certification requirements often takes a lot of work. How do you manage the many requirements resulting from for instance the CO2 Performance Ladder?

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