About Primum

Doing something that matters. In our eyes, this is at the heart of every organisation. This is about being of value, by adding value in the long term. Going beyond compliance with CSR guidelines or reducing negative impact. A business matters when it takes a broad view beyond the self-interest of the internal organisation, and takes responsibility for a better, more sustaible world.

As a sustainability consultancy firm, what motivates us is helping organisations to matter and to navigate the various challenges this entails. This could mean defining a vision on sustainability, translating this to a strategy for implementation, or building a dialogue with stakeholders. But also making sustainable performance visible in a Sustainability Report or planning and executing policy for improving this performance.

The three pillars we focus on are:

  • CSR strategy and reporting
  • Circular economy and circular construction
  • Healthy built environment

We believe that the sustainability challenges for organisations today are no longer technical, but mostly organisational and social. That is why we have a diverse team of consultants, with expertise ranging from civil engineering to change management.

For more information about Primum please contact:

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Christine Wortmann